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About us

We are a diagnostic laboratory that offers state of the art pathogen detection and advisory services.

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We take pride in our people and the skills and passion they put to work.

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Our rapidly available and reliable results allow fish farmers and their health advisors to respond quickly to disease challenges and make educated operational and strategic management changes always with a view to improve and safeguard fish health and fish welfare. We take pride in our people and the skills and passion they put to work every day for our clients and collaboration partners.

We operate from our own custom-designed laboratories in Oslo, Bergen, Rørvik, Inverness and Puerto Montt. Operations and processes are designed focusing on quality, efficiency, capacity and minimizing contamination risk.

We offer full traceability throughout the process, from sample receipt right through to the customer receiving the results. Scientific research is a key aspect of our business, and our scientists collaborate closely with businesses in the aquaculture sector, as well as research institutions in Norway and abroad.

Using the services offered by PHARMAQ Analytiq is an investment in fish health, fish welfare and your profitability.

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Products and services

PHARMAQ Analytiq applies targeted research and effective analyses with the aim of safeguarding fish health and welfare in the aquaculture sector. This is out products and services here:

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