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Vaccination Machines

As a dynamic and innovative organisation, we pride ourselves in supplying premium products and value-added services to our global customers. Learn more about our NFT Vaccination Machines. 

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Our NFT Models

PHARMAQ Fishteq currently delivers NFT 20, NFT 25 and NFT 30. All models come with a CE marking in accordance with the European Machine Directive.

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NFT 20: This delivers one vaccine intraperitoneally, meaning that the vaccination is delivered directly in the body cavity of the fish

NFT 25: This machine delivers two vaccine formulations intraperitoneally through one needle. The vaccines can be of different formulations, such as for example water-based and oil-based at the same time. It comes with a specially developed duo-adapter that ensures that all individual doses are perfect mixes of the two vaccines being administered. For special needs, the NFT 25 can also be rebuilt to deliver three vaccines in one operation.

NFT 30: This machine can deliver one or two vaccine formulations intraperitoneally. In addition, the NFT 30 has a special DNA module that is capable of delivering a DNA vaccine intramuscularly, into the filet of the fish. All our models are capable of vaccinating 2.4 fish per second at full capacity.

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NFT Vaccination Machine Facts

The capacity of one machine is 8500 fish per hour. Currently, our machines can be used to vaccinate the following fish species:

  • Salmon 
  • Trout 
  • White fish 
  • Arctic charr 
  • Sea Bass 
  • Tilapia 

The machines handle fish in the sizes from 120 mm to 250 mm (20-150 grams). Once finished, it sorts the vaccinated fish into three different sizes. In addition, it has a channel for misplaced, undersized or rejected fish. The sorting ranges will be pre-set by the operators, so that it will suit your needs.

The dimensions of the machines are: Length 2360 mm x Width 1272 mm x Height 1860 mm. All different models are built on the same frame and have the same basic measurements. The dimensions of a double set up is: Length 3228 mm x Width 2716 mm x Height 1860 mm.


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