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An innovative manufacturer of high-quality vaccination machinery and equipment

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Products and services

PHARMAQ Fishteq is the global leader in fish health and vaccinations, dedicated to support sustainable growth in the global aquaculture industry

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We are proud to offer innovative solutions that deliver precise and gentle vaccinations.

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A qualified subcontractor

PHARMAQ Fishteq is a qualified subcontractor with regards to vaccination services for the fish farming industry.

PHARMAQ Fishteq Samsvarserklæring Underleverandører GLOBALG.A.P. Og ASC 2024 Read More
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«We vaccinate batches of 500,000 fish or more, and are confident that the NFT Machine provides excellent levels of uptime and high quality vaccinations. PHARMAQ Fishteq is responsible for the ongoing development of the equipment, which is positive for incremental improvements.» – Atle Jøsang, Grieg Seafood

«By removing manual vaccination, we have removed the human element, which means the injection of the vaccine and its position are of a higher quality.» – Reidar Våge, Mowi

«PHARMAQ Fishteq provides a machine that delivers correctly positioned vaccines in an efficient manner. We have had a good experience both in terms of their follow up and using the machine, which means we can be confident about our vaccination work.» – Gunnar Ellingsen, Lødingen Fisk AS

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We take pride in supplying high-quality products and services to our global customers.

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