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Real-time RT-PCR

PHARMAQ Analytiq uses real-time RT-PCR, a molecular tool, to detect known viruses, bacteria and parasites in your samples.

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Molecular data of this type is often used in combination with histological investigations and microbiology. Together, these data aid in the risk assessment of pathogen spread, and determination of the presence of house strains. Accurate and timeous data on gill and heart health can be very useful in informing decisions about planning treatments.

Continual monitoring of stock health facilitates early interventions should they be required.

Insight into Disease Status and Fish Health

PHARMAQ Analytiq provides real-time RT-PCR analyses for all known salmon, rainbow trout and lumpfish pathogens. In addition, we have developed assays for key pathogens known to infect sea bass, sea bream and tilapia. We are also constantly adding to our suite of analyses in response to and in cooperation with customers and their requirements.

PHARMAQ Analytiq is accredited to carry out a wide range of analyses. You can read more about our accreditation portfolio here. All accredited analyses are marked with an asterisk, see overview below (viruses, bacteria, parasites).

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Overview of our analyses

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Learn more about customer projects

Customers are encouraged to contact us in an early phase of the planning of a project. Our team can advise on sampling and study design in addition to relevant analyses, to optimize project setup and results.

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