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Safety and support

These safety recommendations are designed to reduce the risk of accidental self-injection. It is imperative that any personnel carrying out fish vaccinations follow the safety recommendations at all times

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Safety during vaccination

Prior to vaccination, the person in charge or team leader must prepare a contingency plan that includes notification of local health personnel. We also advise you to establish contact with a doctor who has been briefed on the ‘self injection’ and who can act as a contact person for your staff and treating health personnel.

Secondly, you must always ensure that first aid equipment is readily available. 

Recommendations for manual Vaccination

  • Provide proper training in the vaccination technique and first aid. This should also include the procedure that must be followed in the event of any accidental self-injection.
  • Always use a needle-guard on the injector.
  • You must wear appropriate protective gloves to ensure a firm grip on the fish and the injector. Additionally, we advise you to apply protective tape to areas that are at a higher risk of being pierced by the needle.
  • Ensure that you have good lighting and a comfortable working position. Take regular breaks, and make sure that the rate at which you carry out vaccinations does not affect quality or safety.
  • The fish must be properly anaesthetized. Most accidental self-injections are caused by fish that move.

Recommendations for Machine Vaccination

  • Provide proper training in operating the machine as well as in first aid. This should also include the procedure that must be followed in the event of an accidental self-injection.
  • Comply with all the precautions issued by the equipment manufacturer. This can reduce the risk of self-injection.
  • Never interfere with the needle path while the machine is in operation.



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Advice in the event of accidental self-injection

If a needle that has been in contact with fish vaccine has penetrated your skin, you must seek medical assistance immediately – even if you believe that little or no vaccine has been injected.

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