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Histopathological heart-score

Histopathological heart-score 

If statistical analysis of histology data is required for your project where heart pathology is investigated, we recommend using our heart-score. PHARMAQ Analytiq histopathologists have extensive experience in scoring hearts from infectious CMS, HSMI or PD trials. Our heart-score is a semi-quantitative method where histopathological changes specific for the relevant disease are graded from 0-4 by a dedicated veterinary pathologist. We can adapt the heart-score to your project in order to maximize the probability of detecting differences between groups.  


Combining histopathology with PCR  

Together with histopathological heart-score PCR for piscine reovirus (PRV), piscine myocarditis virus (PMCV) and salmonid alphavirus (SAV) gives a good foundation for comparing groups in infectious trials where vaccines, feed or different genotypes are compared. If heart-score is used in a field study, PCR is often necessary to exclude co-infections or to differentiate between etiology in cases where mild or unspecific changes are detected on histopathology.  


Heart-score is not included in our standard diagnostic histopathology service since the method is more suitable for controlled studies. We are happy to advise you in planning of sampling, study-design and analysis for your next project. Follow this link for more information on support for customer projects.  


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