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Microbiology service

Pharmaq Analytiq has a modern and innovative microbiology laboratory for diagnosis of fish diseases and preventive fish health and welfare. We offer our clients a dynamic laboratory equipped with facilities to provide techniques and services tailored to our clients' needs.

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At the microbiology laboratory we apply classic microbiology and molecular techniques for identification of the most common bacterial pathogens of farmed fish. Our services also include antimicrobial susceptibility testing, as well as water- and environmental analyses for monitoring of microbiota at RAS-facilities and flow through systems.

We also intend to expand our services to include modern NGS technology that can perform rapid and comprehensive characterisation of genes and genomes from bacteria that are relevant in diagnostics. This includes services such as full genome sequencing of bacteria, for affinity determinations, tracing of disease pathways, and characterisation of new, emerging, bacterial pathogens arising in the aquaculture sector. Furthermore, we want to sequence and monitor the microflora present in fish farm environments in order to increase our understanding of how the composition of, and variation in, microbiota profiles impact on fish health and welfare.

Microbiology is an important success factor in the aquaculture sector, and there is a need for more knowledge regarding both specific pathogens and the composition of bacterial populations found in RAS facilities. In this field, we can offer analyses from a specialist microbiology laboratory that focuses fish health and welfare. Our aim is to work together with the industry to meet current and future challenges related to microbiology.

Sample material inquiry

Typically, bacterial streak from kidney, wound or other relevant tissues on selected growth medium. Since there are some bacterial pathogens that do not grow well on nutrient rich media, and some slow-growing pathogens will quickly be suppressed by faster-growing species on a richer culture medium, we suggest bacterial streak on both low-nutrient and nutrient rich agar. For freshwater, apply blood agar and Ordal’s medium and for marine samples, apply blood agar w/2% NaCl and marine agar. After incubation, relevant bacterial colonies on agars plates will be considered for further analysis. Selected colonies are transferred to new plates and isolated to pure culture. Bacteria are identified by classic microbiology and molecular techniques.

Sample material inquiry, fish with ulcer

As for sample material inquiry but include bacterial streak from both wound and internal organ to assess if the wound infection is systemic.

Environmental sample

Swabs in transport medium or streak plate from swabs are analysed for quantification of specific bacterial groups or for general bacterial growth.


Applying disk diffusion tests for assessing antimicrobial susceptibility of bacteria to a relevant selection of antibacterial agents.

Water Analysis

Water samples from aquaculture sites are analysed for selected bacterial groups, including quantification of heterotrophic bacteria and vibrios.

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Customers are encouraged to contact us in an early phase of the planning of a project. Our team can advise on sampling and study design in addition to relevant analyses, to optimize project setup and results.

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