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Cleaner Fish

Cleaner fish are fish species that has a specialized behavior of feeding on parasites such as sea lice.

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Lumpfish and ballan wrasse production in Canada, Scotland, Iceland and Norway has had a significant increase in recent years as the use of cleaner fish has been utilized to control salmon lice.  Cleaner fish and salmon coexist well in pens and is a less stressful delousing strategy for salmonids. The use of cleaner fish is not only a cost-effective strategy for salmon farmers but also minimizes the use of delousers in the salmon industry decreasing the pressure on environment.

In order to make optimal use of the potential of cleaner fish, it is vital that they are free of infection, both in the interests of the health and welfare of the fish themselves, and also to protect the salmon with which they share the net pens. Vaccination is an optimal tool to reduce mortality and infection in cleaner fish caused by diseases.

As a fish health management tool, products from PHARMAQ ensure sustainability, predictability and the subsequent sound economic basis for industrialized fish farming.

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