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PHARMAQ Analytiq has dedicated histopathology laboratories in Norway, UK and Chile. Histopathology is a valuable method in fish diagnostics. In histopathological investigation, tissues are evaluated for disease at a microscopic level. Today, the method is often combined with real-time RT-PCR and microbiology sampling to determine cause and effect of disease on fish.  

The image shows necrotic tissue and a layer of mycobacteria on the surface of the spleen of an Atlantic salmon. 

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Our histopathology-team 

Histopathology is a veterinary discipline that requires extensive training. Our global histopathology team consists of 17 veterinary pathologists. Several of our pathologists have achieved the European or American Diplomate of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP/ECVP) specialist status. Furthermore, several pathologists also have a PhD. The whole team is presented here.  


Disease investigation and prevention 

Histopathology brings a holistic approach to disease investigation, allowing assessment of multiple organ systems within individual fish and farm populations. Together with RT-PCR and microbiology, histopathology makes up the gold-standard for fish diagnostics. In addition, histopathology is often used as part of health-checks prior to treatments or sea-transfer. In our histopathological service a thorough investigation of all submitted tissues is performed by an experienced pathologist and a detailed histopathological report, with an emphasis on clinical relevance, is provided to every customer.   


Modern histopathology 

In contrast to the past when tissue sections were examined with a traditional microscope, entire histopathologic glass slides are today converted into digital images with slide scanners. The images are analyzed by histopathologists virtually. The digitalization provides numerous opportunities such as consultation with colleagues in other parts of the world as well as image analyses. PHARMAQ Analytiq is currently working on development of machine learning (AI) for histopathological images.   


PHARMAQ Analytiq is focusing on finding new ways of making histopathology more useful for aquaculture. Detailed scoring-methods have proven to be useful in numerous customer projects. This facilitates comparison of histopathological findings between groups or following the development of changes within a group over time. Our most popular scoring-methods are gill-score and heart-score.  

Follow these links to learn more about gill-score or heart-score.

Follow this link to learn more about customer projects. 


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Learn more about customer projects here

Customers are encouraged to contact us in an early phase of the planning of a project. Our team can advise on sampling and study design in addition to relevant analyses, to optimize project setup and results.

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Delivery times for test results

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